Aeroplane Monthly 1987-03
K.Durdey - An Australian air knight
The original Southern Cross in 1945 after it had been restored to airworthy condition at RAAF Canberra. The crew for the 1945 test flight included Wg Cdr G. H. Purvis, who often flew with Smithy, and the copilot was Smithy's nephew, Wg Cdr John Kingsford Smith.
The Fokker F.VIIb-3m VH-USU Southern Cross arriving at Croydon on July 1929, having flown from Australia in 12 days 18hr. Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm were the pilots.
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and his Percival Gull G-ACJV, Miss Southern Cross, in which he flew from England to Australia in 7 days 4hr 44min in October 1933.
FOR THE ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA RACE: Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith with the Lockheed "Altair" low-wing monoplane (supercharged "Wasp") which he will fly in the England-Australia race.
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith with the Lockheed Altair Lady Southern Cross in which he had planned to compete in the 1934 England-Australia Air Race.
The same aircraft, low and fast.
KINGSFORD-SMITH'S LONG-RANGE "AVIAN": Three-quarter Front View. The engine is a De Havilland "Gipsy II."
Avro Avian G-ABCF Southern Cross Junior, in which Kingsford Smith flew from Heston to Port Darwin during October 1930 in 9 days 21 hr 40min.
The arrival of the Southern Star, Avro Ten VH-UMG, in which Kingsford Smith delivered Christmas mail from Australia to Croydon in December 1931.