Aeroplane Monthly 1987-03
A.Lumsden, T.Heffernan - Per Mare Probare (1)
The prototype Vickers Supermarine Seagull, PA143, after the redesign of the central superstructure and the addition of a third fin.
Two views of Seagull PA143 showing the variable geometry configuration of the wings. In the top photograph the wing is set at 0° and the flaps are up. In the lower photograph the Seagull's wing is set at 7 1/2 deg incidence with a large amount of flap. The leading edge slats are also out.
Two frontal views of Seagull PA143 showing the wings and flaps at different settings. It would appear that the tail surfaces were effectively blanked off with flaps fully down.
The second prototype Seagull, PA147, landing at Farnborough in September 1949 with David Morgan at the controls. The background of this photograph has been retouched out.
The unmodified prototype Seagull, PA143, photographed at the SBAC show at Farnborough in September 1948. Both Seagulls were scrapped in 1954 after the advent of the practical helicopter for the SAR role.
Early photograph of the prototype Seagull, before modification of the central superstructure and addition of a central fin.
Seagull PA143 with the wind on the starboard quarter and the Griffon engine running at 1,480 r.p.m. Take-offs in sea conditions of about 12in chop were satisfactory.