Aeroplane Monthly 1987-04
A.Lumsden, T.Heffernan - Per Mare Probare (2)
Шестая построенная лодка Saro A.17 Cutty Sark в декабре 1930 года была передана в учебное звено гидросамолетов британских ВВС в Кэлшоте. На лодке стояли моторы Gipsy II, использовалась она как учебная.
Two views of Cutty Sark S1575, used by the Seaplane Training Handling Flight at RAF Calshot.
Air Service Training's Cutty Sark G-ACDP passing the Avro slipway at Hamble. In company with G-ACDR, it was used for instructional navigational and seamanship sorties. G-ACDR was dismantled in 1938; 'DP survived until April 1939.
Air Service Training's Cutty Sark G-ACDR alighting on Southampton Water at Hamble in the summer of 1933. The engines are Genet Majors.
The unmarked prototype Cutty Sark moored off the Saunders-Roe works at East Cowes, Isle of Wight.
The original Saro Cutty Sark, G-AAIP, with "uncorrugated" hull and Cirrus Hermes I engines.
The prototype Cutty Sark, painted blue and bearing its registration letters. G-AAIP was scrapped in 1935.
A PRIVATE OWNER'S AIR YACHT: The Hon. A. E. Guiness now owns another air yacht, a Saunders-Roe "Cutty Sark," which we show here, about to set out from Cowes on a trial flight.
Cutty Sark G-AAVX spent much of its life with the Royal Singapore Flying Club. The tropical conditions caused the plywood-covered wing to warp and 'VX was scrapped in 1935.
Another view of the Genet-powered Cutty Sark G-ACDR, showing its amphibious qualities. The 140 h.p. seven-cylinder Armstrong Siddeley Genet Majors gave the Cutty Sark a cruising speed of 90 m.p.h.