Aeroplane Monthly 1987-04
M.Oakey - The ultimate first
A tiny blister canopy atop the fuselage provides forward view for the pilot. Note also the wingtip, damaged on take-off.
The Voyager shows off its slender lines over Edwards AFB before the world flight. Spanning nearly 100ft, the wing has an aspect ratio of almost 34:1.
Travelling in the Voyager's minimal fuselage was likened to sitting in a telephone box being dragged along a cobbled street on its side by a noisy truck.
N269VA in company with a chase aircraft over the Californian coast. The longer nose on the starboard boom conceals a radar antenna.
The photograph gives an idea of the cramped conditions in the Voyager's cabin during the world flight. Rutan and Yeager used oxygen for parts of the flight, and wore sophisticated ear-defenders throughout to deaden the 105dB of engine noise.
The Voyager’s instrument panel.
Copilot Jeana Yeager at the controls of the Voyager.
Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager at their London press conference on January 19, 1987. They now plan to concentrate on the future of their company, Voyager Aircraft Inc; at least, says Rutan, "We've got a little notoriety for it".
Voyager Aircraft Voyager