Aeroplane Monthly 1987-04
M.Jerram - For Business and Pleasure
Taylorcraft Plus D G-AFWO, registered in April 1940, remained active until destroyed in a crash in North London in May 1963.
Taylorcraft Plus C G-AFTN began life with the Wiltshire School of Flying. Today it is undergoing restoration by the Leicester Museum of Technology.
Registered shortly before declaration of war, this Plus C was scrapped at Portsmouth in 1960.
Taylor J-2 Cub G-AEXY, built by Taylor Aircraft at Lockhaven, was registered in July 1937. In March 1953 it was sold in Spain.
Sister-ship J-2 G-AEXZ, shortly to fly again.
Nice air-to-air shot of the prototype Taylorcraft Plus D (rebuilt to Taylorcraft Auster V J/1 Autocrat), G-AFWN.
Taylorcraft director A. L. Wykes demonstrates the Plus C G-AFVU at Sir Lindsay Everard’s private aerodrome at Ratcliffe on July 28, 1939.
Taylorcraft Model A G-AFJP, imported from America in 1938, flew initially with the South Staffs Aero Club at Meir. In October 1953 'JP crashed at Woodbridge.
Taylorcraft Plus C G-AFUA, built in 1939, was initially owned by Mailing Aviation Ltd and based at West Mailing, Kent.
The first imported Taylorcraft Model A was G-AFDN. In July 1941 it was impressed but was declared unsuitable for Service use and was never given an RAF serial number.