Aeroplane Monthly 1987-04
M.Hardy - Redhill recollections (1)
Vampire F.1 TG386, was operated on a research contract by Tiltman Langley. This photograph was taken in 1947, before the aircraft passed into the company's hands.
C.Nepean Bishop flying the Redhill Flying Club’s Miles Hawk Trainer G-AIYD. Redhill Aerodrome is visible in the distance.
Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer Mk 3 G-AITO, acquired by the Redhill Flying Club. The rear cockpit has been faired in for air racing.
Supermarine Walrus II HD952 pegged out at Redhill, awaiting conversion to G-AKJE for Giro’s Aviation Ltd. No such conversion took place, and the old Shagbat was scrapped at Redhill in 1952.
Anson I G-AHKH was just one of six operated by the Redhill-based British Air Transport. The aircraft was sold in Singapore as VR-SDL in April 1952.
A D.H. 95 Flamingo seen in the Tiltman Langley hangar.
D.H.95 Flamingo G-AFYH at Redhill in the late Forties. Owned by British Air Transport, this aircraft survived until mid-1954, when it was broken up. If only someone had saved it!
Te red Olympia 3 G-ALJY was one of four Olympias owned by the North Downs Gliding Trust (formerly the Surrey Gliding Club) and kept at Redhill.
Olympia 3 G-ALKA was also owned by the North Downs Gliding Trust and kept at Redhill.
Slingsby T.8 Tutor G-ALKB of the North Downs Gliding Trust, seen at Redhill devoid of its registration letters.