Aeroplane Monthly 1987-05
M.Hardy - Redhill recollections (2)
The Planet Satellite G-ALOI, photographed at Redhill, where it was erected in 1948. The aircraft was blue overall, with red trim and silver lettering and nose.
Derek Dempster demonstrating the Chilton D.W.1A G-AFSV at Shoreham in September 1952.
Mrs Ranald Porteous lifts the tail of Chilton G-AFGH prior to her husband flying the aircraft in October 1948
British Air Transport's D.H. Flamingo G-AFYH seen during happier days, at Redhill in about 1948. In 1954 'YH was broken up.
The Benes-Mraz Be 552 Bibi G-AGSR caught during a visit to Redhill in April 1950.
The sole Miles M.57 Aerovan Mk 5, G-AKHF, seen at Redhill in April 1949. Note the two 190 h.p. Lycoming O-435-A flat-six engines and the large rudders.
Ercoupe VX147, previously OO-ERU and registered G-AKFC, at Redhill during the period it spent on loan to the Ministry of Supply.
Miles Gemini F-BFPP, once G-AIIE, visiting Redhill in April 1950.
Hirtenberg H.S.9A G-AGAK, once OE-DJH and D-EDJH, seen at Redhill in August 1951, in all-silver paint scheme with blue trim.
The Miles Nighthawk G-AGWT snapped at Redhill in September 1952. Painted cream with red lettering, 'WT was erected in 1944 and had Mohawk wings. In 1963 it was abandoned at Lignane, near Aix-en-Provence, on a flight out to Singapore.