Aeroplane Monthly 1987-05
R.Havercroft - Armament Flight (1)
Bristol Beaufighter R2055, the fourth prototype, photographed at Duxford - where it was flown by the author - in 1941, while fitted with 40mm guns. It carried the Vickers S gun on the starboard side and a Rolls-Royce COW gun on the port.
"Tich" Havercroft flew more than 150 types during his RAF career. He was photographed at the controls of a Beech C-45 Expediter.
A Hawker Hurricane IID fitted with 40mm cannon. Following approval by Boscombe, cannon-armed “tankbuster" Hurricanes played an important part in defeating Rommel's Panzers in Africa.
Another shot of a cannon-armed Hurricane, probably PZ199.
ПЕРВЫЕ ИСПЫТАНИЯ ПУШЕК "S". При начальных испытаниях пушек "S" использовался Hurricane Mk IIА, бортовой номер Z2326, ставший прототипом Mk IID. Также испытывалось орудие фирмы "Rolls-Royce" известное как BF, но от него отказались, поскольку оно было крупнее, менее надежно и имело боезапас только 12 снарядов. Построили около 300 самолетов Mk llD и Mk IV с так называемым "универсальным" крылом, способным нести пушки "S".
Hurricane II Z2326 carrying a prototype installation of 40mm guns - note the absence of fairings.