Aeroplane Monthly 1987-06
R.Havercroft - Armament Flight (2)
Hawker Typhoon fitted with eight racks for carrying 60lb rocket projectiles. This 2nd TAF machine is seen at Wunsdorf, Germany circa 1946, with concrete practice RPs.
The author flying Miles Master II DL852/G equipped with rocket projectiles.
Coastal Command Mosquito Mk XVIII fitted with a Molins six-pounder 57mm cannon mounted below the two 0-303in machine guns in the nose.
Mosquito FB Mk XVIIIs in service with No 248 Squadron, showing the armament of one 57-mm cannon and two 0-303-in machine guns. The first two development aircraft retained all four machine guns.
Mosquito FB.XVIII PZ468, showing the asymmetric mounting of the 57mm gun. The prototype "Tsetse” Mosquito first flew on June 8, 1943.