Aeroplane Monthly 1987-06
M.Jerram - For Business and Pleasure
Taylorcraft Auster III, ex NJ911, became G-AHLI and flew as a company hack with Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd for many years.
Midland Aero Club Taylorcraft Plus D G-AHVP flying over Elmdon on June 26, 1947. It crashed at the same airfield on April 15, 1951.
Recent photograph of Auster III G-ATAX, currently flying in its former AOP guise and wearing the RAF serial number NJ916.
Auster III G-AREI, ex MT438, was flown from Malaya to Middle Wallop by Mike Somerton-Rayner in 1960.
Taylorcraft Plus C.2 G-AHAF spent most of its short life with the Wiltshire School of Flying.
Taylorcraft Plus C.2 G-AHLJ was used as a hack by the Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd company and was sold in Ireland as EI-ALH in April 1960.
Auster V G-AGLK, in standard AOP camouflage, was the first of more than 250 Auster Vs to be civilianised.
Taylorcraft Plus D G-AHGZ, ex LB367, won the 1952 King's Cup air race.
Built at Rearsby in 1957, and pictured here at Elstree, is Auster Alpha 5 G-APBE, given away as a competition prize by Associated Newspapers in 1957.
A glimpse of some of the aircraft up for tender at RAF Kemble in summer 1947. On the left can be seen Taylorcraft Plus D LB319, which became G-AGZN and crashed at Rearsby on February 2, 1948.