Aeroplane Monthly 1987-06
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
LeO H 242 F-AMOU Ville de Tunis with original nacelles and cabin portholes.
Early picture of the prototype LeO H 242, at Ajaccio. It may be partly in Air Union colours in this photograph.
LeO H 242 F-AMOU, still in early form.
This view of F-ANPA at Algiers shows to advantage the NACA cowlings, the fabric-covered nacelles and the rectangular cabin windows.
F-ANQI Ville de Bizerte, with a Breguet Saigon in the background.
F-ANPA at the seaplane station at Algiers.
LeO 242-1 F-ANPA flying near Marseilles. It has circular-section nacelles, cowled front engines and four rectangular cabin windows.
F-ANQH at Algiers in 1936. This example has five cabin windows, circular metal-skinned nacelles and exhaust collector rings on the front engines.
F-ANPB Ville de Bone, the second LeO H 242-1.
F-ANQF Ville de Toulon at Marignane, Marseilles. The pitch trimming surfaces can be seen.
Looking aft in an Air France LeO H 242.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting shows the Air France Liore et Olivier H 242-1 F-ANQI Ville de Bizerte.