Aeroplane Monthly 1987-06
Ray Hanna's stunning Curtiss P-40E Warhawk, N94466, photographed by JOHN RIGBY.
THE LINDSAY AIR FORCE OVER FOLLY FARM, HUNGERFORD. The aircraft collection of the late Hon Patrick Lindsay. "This was a truly wonderful assignment, which took over a year to complete. One reason for this was that I so enjoyed clambering over and studying Patrick's aeroplanes that I was in no hurry to complete the painting Because every machine had a special significance for its owner, I wanted each to be seen clearly, hence I drew them in this close formation The collection in 1983 was, from left to right Sopwith Triplane; S E.5a, Hawker Fury, Fiat G.46; Fieseler Storch; Spitfire IA; Harvard, Great Lakes 2T-1A, Morane MS 230, Pilatus P.2; Stampe SV-4. The S.E.5a and Fury were unfinished while I was working on the picture, so the markings are fictitious. The following year, 1984, I completed an even more complicated painting, of Patrick Lindsay's automobile collection, in which I included the Spitfire, the Morane and the Manning-Flanders Monoplane replica which Patrick flew across the Channel in 1984 to commemorate Bleriot's historic first crossing in 1909". Philip Castle