Aeroplane Monthly 1987-05
M.Jerram - For Business and Pleasure
A Taylorcraft Auster AOP IV MT237 during a press demonstration for the benefit of Charles E. Brown's camera at Rearsby on May 2, 1944. Note the Typhoons outside the repair shops in the background.
During the war Taylorcraft became a Ministry of Aircraft Production repair centre and returned 281 Typhoons to service.
Taylorcraft Plus D W5741 flying from Larkhill in 1942. The pre-war registration, G-AFZI, was re-issued in January 1946.
Taylorcraft Auster IV MS951 being used as an ambulance aircraft - a stretcher case is about to be loaded into it.
Another view of Taylorcraft Auster III NJ747 demonstrating its agility at Rearsby in September 1943. The roof glazing gave pilot and passenger excellent upward, or in this case sideways, view.
The Taylorcraft Auster IV (One 130 h.p. Lycoming O-290-3 motor)