Aeroplane Monthly 1987-05
L.Curtis - The Flying Duchess (2)
The Duchess of Bedford's Fokker F.VII, The Spider, photographed at Croydon on April 30, 1930 after the record flight to the Cape and back.
It was thanks to Shell Mex Ltd that The Spider was supplied with fuel throughout the Cape flight. Barnard and Little are seen here supervising refuelling somewhere along the route.
The Duchess of Bedford owned Fokker F.VIIA G-EBTS The Spider for three years, from September 1929 until September 1932. The aircraft was scrapped in March 1937.
The Spider was originally registered in Holland as H-NADK. In September 1927 it was registered in the UK to Capt R. H. McIntosh and named Princess Xenia.
Two views of The Spider. These photographs were taken after it was sold to the British Air Navigation Company, in whose colours it was repainted.
The duchess boards The Spider amid admiring glances from well-wishers.
10-19 апреля 1930г.: С. Барнард, Р. Литтл и графиня Мэри Бедфорд выполнили перелет из Лондона в Кейптаун на самолете Fokker F.VIIa G-EBTS с собственным именем "The Spider" ("Паук"), Самолет был оснащен моторами Bristol Jupiter.
The Spider fitted with a Bristol Jupiter engine.
The D.H.80A Puss Moth G-ABOC, acquired new by the duchess in July 1931 for touring abroad.