Air International 2012-04
I.Harding - Heli-Expo 2012
AgustaWestland has established two locations dedicated to the development of the AW609 tiltrotor: Cascina Costa di Samarate, Italy and Arlington, Texas and its certification targeted for 2016.
The day before Heli-Expo 2012 opened, AgustaWestland announced an order from Lease Corporation International (including options) for a mix of AW139s (pictured), AW169s and AW189s.
Bell has delivered the first model 407GX helicopter to Mexican air charter company AVEMEX, S.A. de C.V based at Toluca International Airport.
Kaman's K-Max N131KA during the quick reaction assessment for the US Navy in August 2011. Favourable performance in the assessment led to the company winning a contract with the US Marine Corps and two aircraft being deployed to Afghanistan
Buoyed by its maiden flight in December 2011, interest in the AW189 is growing. New commitments for the AW189 add to AW's sales already secured from customers such as Bristow Helicopters, Bel Air and Westair Aviation Services.
The brand new EC130T2 was unveiled by Eurocopter at Heli-Expo 2012 on February 12, 2012.
The most distinguishing feature of the Bell 525 is the new ARC Horizon (awareness, reactive and control) flight deck. Bell says the ARC Horizon is designed to enhance situational awareness especially in austere conditions through a fully integrated glass flight deck coupled with fly-by-wire controls.
Bell's launch customer for the model 525 is PHI.
Bell unveiled its model 525 named 'Relentless' during Heli-Expo 2012.
This computer-generated image shows the cabin concept of the model 525.