Air International 2023-06
E.Kelly - Going green
20 июля 2020г. компания «Боинг» сделала заявление о начале программы ecoDemonstrator, проводимой совместно с авиакомпанией Etihad Airways. Предполагаются исследования перспективных технологий снижения вредных выбросов и авиационного шума. Работы проводятся на самолете Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, принадлежащем Etihad Airways. К программе также подключились NASA и Safran Landing Systems.
Etihad has worked with Boeing on its ecoDemonstrator with the goal of improving a number of sustainability solutions for airlines
The Dash 8-400 will be the largest hydrogen fuel cell-powered aircraft ever to fly, which is due to take place at Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, Washington
Air New Zealand is already working in partnership with Z Energy on establishing a workable SAF supply chain
Taxibot - a hybrid towing tractor makes it possible to start the aircraft’s engines much later and therefore not initially at the gate, so reducing fuel consumption
Hydrogen is the ideal fuel for flight and will power aviation’s new golden age, where planes are powered by renewables and emit nothing but water
The ES-30 will be a regional electric aircraft with a standard seating capacity of 30 passengers driven by electric motors with battery derived energy
Artist’s impression of Embraer’s concepts for its Energia low-emissions regional aircraft
Air New Zealand has signed an agreement with Embraer to join its Energia Advisory Group - a group of airlines, lessors and manufacturers advising Embraer’s Energia project, developing sustainable aircraft for the future
ATR is working on a next-generation turboprop with its EVO project ATR
Even using traditional fuel, the EVO’s emissions will be around 50% lower than those of a regional jet