Air International 1983-06
R.Braybrook - Lee Begin of Northrop /Aircraft Design Philosophy/ (1)
F/A-18 начал свою карьеру в эскадрилье VFA-125. На фотографии: самолет этой эскадрильи, получившей первый Hornet 13 ноября 1980 года.
The F-18A Hornet is the latest aircraft to enter service with the design of which Begin has been associated. The design, originated by Northrop as the YF-17, was navalised by McDonnell Douglas.
For the past 15 years, Lee Begin has been closely involved with the design and development of the P-530 Cobra/YF-17/F-18A/F-18L family. Illustrated is the first of the 138 CF-18s ordered by Canada.
The F-5 design in its latest derivative form has been redesignated as the F-20. As the series of diagrams accompanying this article indicate, the F-20's performance is as good as anything in its class.
The F-5 family of fighters has proved to be among the most successful of the past two decades, and was the first jet fighter on which Begin worked. Illustrated is an RF-5E Tigereye version recently delivered to Malaysia.