Air International 1985-03
B.Johnston - Reno '84 in Retrospect
Rick Brickert’s P-51 "Dago Red" was fastest in its heat at 439-8 mph (707,8 km/h) but retired from the final with an engine problem.
The "new" P-51 “Stiletto", flown by Dave Zeuschel, with wing leading-edge radiators and a cleaned-up airframe.
Alfred Goss in "Warlock”, fifth in the T-6 "gold” race.
Tom Summer’s "Hansen Special” Formula I racer, parked in front of a Wright Flyer and a Fokker Triplane.
Lloyd Hamilton's R-4360-engined Sea Fury, now named "Furias", after appearing in 1983 as the "Havenought". He had to land when pieces of the cowling detached on the fourth lap of one of the heats.
The R-4360-engined Sea Fury “Dreadnought" (with a new fin extension) in which Neil Anderson was the fastest qualifier. An engine problem kept it out of the final.
The Sea Fury T Mk 20 N924G, flown by Dennis Sanders.