Air International 1985-10
M.Hirst - Propeller Power (5)
Of all the major producers of airliners at Paris, Boeing showed the most confidence in forth­coming ultra-bypass (UBF) type of propulsion, as represented by the General Electric UDF. One of the prototype UDF engines will be installed on the starboard rear side of a company-owned 727-100 for flight-testing to begin in the second half of 1986.
Under NASA contract, a prop-fan is to be test-flown on the wing of a Gulfstream II, as depicted here.
At Long Beach, McDonnell Douglas is conducting wind tunnel tests of its MD-80 prop-fan. Agreements have been signed with Aeritalia in Italy and with China providing for participation by those two countries in the McDonnell Douglas prop-fan aircraft development programme.
Development of an airliner with propfan propulsion is now the second most important project at Douglas Aircraft Company (after the MD-11X) according to presentations made at Paris.