Air International 1985-10
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Aircraft currently in the fleet of the USAF Test Pilot School include (clockwise from left) the variable stability Learjet 23, Cessna A-37, McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom, de Havilland U-6 Beaver, Boeing KC-135, de Havilland UV-18 Twin Otter, Vought A-7, Northrop T-38A and Lockheed NT-33A.
The Lockheed NF-104 Starfighter "door guardian".
The Lockheed NT-33A, operated for the School by Calspan, has variable stability.
The Cessna T-37A is used to give spinning training and weapon-delivery sorties.
Students of the USAF Test Pilot School formate in Northrop T-38A Talon trainers of the type used to give experience on handling techniques with which test pilots must he familiar.
Northrop T-38 As on the ramp at Edwards AFB.
F-4E Phantoms on the Edwards AFB ramp.