Aeroplane Monthly 1986-05
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
F-ANPI with Gnome-Rhone Mistral Major engines. These engines had opposite rotation, as can be seen from the propellers. In the background is the Wibault 282.T12 F-AMHM.
Potez 62.0 F-ANQM Martinet shares the apron at Marignane, Marseilles, with a Liore et Olivier H 242.
The view of F-ANPI clearly shows the engine installation as well as the inset aileron and trim tab.
Potez 621 сохранил компоновку Potez 54, но его фюзеляж стал более элегантным. "Air France" использовала Potez 621 на своих европейских линиях.
Potez 62 No 1 F-ANPG Albatros. This aircraft first flew on January 28, 1935, and served with Air France.
Air France has adopted the Potez 62 as a standard type. It does 201 m.p.h. with two moderately supercharged Gnome Rhone Mistral Majors.
Potez 62.1 F-AOTV Alcyon seen at le Bourget.
F-ANPI Cigogne, the third Potez 62.0, in standard Air France livery. The route board below the F on the fuselage reads “Cannes Marseille Lyon Paris”.
Potez 62.0 F-AOTU La Seduisante operating a Paris-London service.
The flight deck of an Air France Potez 62 is seen here, showing the radio operator's position on the starboard side.
The cabin, looking aft.
Air France's Potez 62.1 F-APOC Heron with modified flight deck windows and propeller spinners.