Aeroplane Monthly 1986-05
B.Robertson - A present from... (1)
Presentation Spitfire P8529 Borough of Colwyn Bay served with 118 and 132 Sqns before going to 58 OTU and crashing in Stirlingshire in April 1943.
Sqn Ldr Pedley in Spitfire Spirit of Kent, Lord Cornwallis.
Non­standard stencilled lettering was applied to Spitfire Wandsworth, Clapham, Balham & Tooting Divisions in the Middle East.
The Aeroplane of January 31, 1941 described this presentation machine as “The Supermarine Spitfire Mk I paid for by the Spitfire Fund of the Observer Corps. This machine is flown by Sqn Ldr D. O. Findlay DFC, the British Olympic hurdler who commands a squadron which has shot down more than 100 enemy aeroplanes".
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c Punjab 40 Lahore 3. This inscription was later carried by B.E.2e A3060.
Истребитель SE.5a из 85-й эскадрильи, которая после обучения и боевого слаживания в мае 1918 года под командованием майора Эвери Бишопа была отправлена во Францию. Позже в том же году командиром эскадрильи стал майор Эдуард Маннок. В последние месяцы войны SE.5a считался, пожалуй, лучшим боевым самолетом своего класса, находившимся во фронтовых частях и с равным успехом применявшимся для штурмовки наземных целей и борьбы с самолетами противника.
S.E.5a F8953 Creiff No 2 was allocated to 85 Sqn, and was regularly flown by 2nd Lt S. C. Elliott.
Bristol F.2B Fighter F4440 was stationed at Cologne, Germany in early 1919 with 18 Sqn. This photograph was almost certainly taken at Bickendorf airfield. The lengthy inscription reads: Presented by Maharaja Bahadur Sir Rameswar Singh of Darbhanga No 1. The Lord Hardinge.
Short Stirling I N6086 MacRobert’s Reply was presented by Lady MacRobert after her three sons were killed in service with the RAF. The aircraft was allocated to 15 Sqn.
Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2b Baroda.
Airco D.H.5 New South Wales No 15: The Upper Hunter of the Australian Flying Corps, 1917.
One of three B.E.2es which carried the title Ho Fook Hong Kong. “Ho fook” means “good luck".