Aviation Historian 8
THIS NEW painting, Rocket Man, by Michael Turner PFGAvA, caught TAH’s eye - it depicts Capt Albert Ball’s September 15, 1916 rocket attack on three LFG Roland CII reconnaissance biplanes. While searching for observation balloons to attack, Ball happened upon the Rolands and broke up their formation with an electrically-fired salvo of all eight of his le Prieur rockets. He then shot down one of the enemy aircraft with his Nieuport 17’s machine-gun. The painting is just one of many displayed at the Guild of Aviation Artists’ 44th annual Aviation Paintings of the Year exhibition in London’s Mall Galleries (July 21-27).
Another photograph via Stephen Greensted, showing the Arabic lettering which creates a tautologous inscription on the nose of Blackburn Universal G-AOEK. Bryan Greensted is fourth from left.
Jan Forsgren sent TAH this rare photograph of Junkers Ju 86Z-7/Tp 9 SE-BAE
Former Vietnamese “royal barge” Liberator F-VNNP in later guise as F-OASS, probably at Le Bourget
Have one on us: this side profile, depicting Caproni Ca.114 28-4-6 of the Peruvian Aviation Corps’ 28 Escuadron de Instruction in 1943.