Air International 2016-12
ecoDemonstrator: Airliners Flying for Research /Airfocus/
Embraer in-house test E170 PP-XJB (c/n 17000003) has received a new paint scheme for the ecoDemonstrator project.
According to Boeing’s Doug Christensen: "The environmental performance of airplanes is an industry initiative. The things we can do across the industry with partners like Embraer are really important.”
No fewer than 25 airframe, engine and systems technologies were evaluated in the 2014 ecoDemonstrator, ranging from ‘green diesel’ to new flight deck software.
The 787-8 being fuelled with a blend of 85% Jet A-1 and 15% NEXBTL renewable diesel, supplied by Neste Oils and blended by EPIC Aviation, the first use of this 'green diesel' in an aircraft.
One of the Boeing 787-8 test aircraft, ZA004 (N7874, c/n 40693), departs Everett (Boeing Field in Seattle ???) on a 2014 ecoDemonstrator green diesel test flight.
Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner N7874 (c/n 40693) was the tes bed in the 2014 ecoDemonstrator testing.
NASA-developed Insect Accretion and Mitigation coatings being applied to the leading edge of the 757's wings.
Boeing 757-222 N757ET during its first test flight as this year’s ecoDemonstrator platform on March 17, 2015.
An ex-United 757-233, N757ET (c/n 24627), was leased to Boeing by its owner, Stifel, for the 2015 ecoDemonstrator, with the aircraft repainted in TUI’s livery.
The 'bug phobic' coatings are designed to reduce drag by minimising the build-up of insect residue.
The 757 being parted-out by Aircraft Dismantlers at Moses Lake, Washington, the intention being to learn more about end-of-service activities and reducing waste. Ninety percent of this year's ecoDemonstrator test aircraft will be recycled.
American Airlines 737-800 N897NN airborne during the 45-day ecoDemonstrator test period in 2012.
The 737 taxiing at Renton outside Seattle during the ecoDemonstrator. This aircraft has since been repainted into American’s new livery.
Natural laminar flow, the smoothness of the flow over the wing, was another area of study in 2012.
Fuel cell technology converting hydrogen and oxygen gas into electricity and water was tested in the 737 ecoDemonstrator.