Convair XF-92
Страна: США
Год: 1948

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Convair XF-92A (USA)
  First flown on 18 September 1948, the XF-92A was a flying mock-up to test the delta wing configuration, as a phase in the development of the projected XF-92 jet and rocket-powered fighter
На экспериментальном XF-92A изучались особенности треугольного в плане крыла, которое было использовано на перехватчике F-102.
Convair XF-92 стал первым в мире реактивным самолетом с дельтовидным крылом, стреловидность крыла по передней кромке составляла 60°. Но, несмотря на установку ТРДФ J33, самолет так и не смог преодолеть звуковой барьер. На основе этой машины был разработан удачный истребитель F-102, фюзеляж которого спроектировали с учетом правила площадей.
Опытный самолет XF-92A в очередном полете. 1953г.
Convair XF-92A.
Convair's sole XF-92A, 46.682, the world's first jet powered delta winged aircraft, seen here at Muroc Dry Lake with its Convair Project Pilot, Ellis D. Sam' Shannon. Powered by a 4.600lb s.t. Allison J33-A-21, Shannon took the XF-92 aloft for an initial hop on 11 June 1948 and also carried out the first full flight three months later on 18 September, by which time the 5.200lb s.t. J33-A-23 had been fitted. Already relegated to the role of delta wing research, having lost the fighter competition to Republic's mixed power XF-91, the XF-92A proved a disappointment. Designed under the tutorial eyes of Alexander Lippisch, the XF-92A was never able to exceed the speed of sound in level flight, although 'Chuck' Yeager is reported to have once pushed the XF-92 to Mach 1.1 in a dive. As with many unwanted military prototypes, the XF-92A was ultimately handed over to the NACA, who equipped it with an 8,500lb s.t, reheated J33-A-29 in May 1951, but even with this larger engine, top level speed remained at around Mach 0.9 in high speed handling trials with the machine between April and October 1953
XF-92A после аварии 14 октября 1953г.
Полноразмерный макет перехватчика "Модель 7-002"
“Engineering to the Nth power” - this contemporary Convair advertisement uses the Sea Dart and the XF-92, referring to the forthcoming F-102 developed from it, to extol the virtues of the delta-wing plan forms of both. Convair optimistically anticipated both being adopted by the military, and, while the F-102 did enter service with the USAF after modification, the Sea Dart never saw service with the US Navy.
Convair XF-92A