Praga BH-111
Praga - BH-111 - 1932 - Чехословакия
Страна: Чехословакия
Год: 1932

FOR THE INTERNATIONAL TOURING COMPETITION: Built by Ceskomoravska-Kolben-Danek of Prague, and designed by Messrs. Benesh & Hain, who years ago used to design the Avia machines, the Praga B.H.111 is fitted with a de Havilland "Gipsy III" engine. The machine is credited with a speed of 143 m.p.h. and is a two-seater with "conservatory" cabin. The ply-covered wing is wire braced.
CZECHOSLOVAK STYLE: Kalla, on one of the Praga B.H.111 (Gipsy III) monoplanes, goes over the top.
SOME OF THE FOREIGN COMPETITORS: In the foreground the French machines, Guerchais, Potez, Farman and Caudron.
T2 OK-BAH - Praga BH-111, pilot Josef Kalla
T4 OK-BEH - Praga BH-111, pilot Frantisek Kleps