Aeroplane Monthly 1993-07
Personal album
Heinkel He 111H-20, coded W8+AH. The H series was probably the most successful variant and was mostly powered by the Jumo 221 engine. Around 7,000 He 111s were built and they remained in production in Spain until 1956.
Developed from the Ju 88, the Junkers Ju 188 was first flown in late 1942 and entered service in mid-1943. Pictured here, minus its propellers, is a Ju 188E.
A complete Junkers Ju 188A. Armament normally consisted of a 20mm MG 151 cannon in the nose and dorsal turret, plus one 13mm MG 131 at the rear of the cockpit.
A Gotha Go 145 primary trainer, of which around 10,000 were built, many being licence-built in Spain. The Argus-powered biplane served as a trainer throughout the war and was of conventional wood and fabric-covered construction.
This Gotha Go 145 is coded RP+NN. Note the coloured fuselage stripes below the front cockpit - were they used as attitude lines for aerobatics?
A somewhat denuded Savoia Marchetti S.M.82 heavy transport. The type was first flown in 1938, and around 400 were built. During the war about 50 were used as transports by the RSIAF Gruppi under German control and flown in Luftwaffe markings.
A more-or-less complete Savoia Marchetti S.M.82. The engines were three 950 h.p. Alfa Romeo 128 RC.21 radials. As a transport the S.M.82 carried 40 troops.