Air International 2020-09
L.Mennes, F.Visser - German wings
A340 16+01 photographed at Koln-Bonn Wahn airport with its engine covers on.
A340 16+02 parked up at Koln-Bonn Wahn airport awaiting the call to action.
A340 16+02, Theodor Heuss, is named for the first President of the German Federal Republic (1949).
A310 MRTT 10+25 in Luftwaffe grey, pictured on the apron at Eindhoven.
A310 MRTT 10+23 is prepped for flight at Koln-Bonn Wahn.
Following the embarrassing G20 incident, new aircraft were purchased and all the aircraft receive the most rigorous checks and maintenance.
Global 5000 14+03 gleams in its hangar at Koln-Bonn Wahn.
A319 15+03 Open Skies on the apron at Koln-Bonn Wahn.
The luxurious interior of A321-231 15+04 awaits its VIP guests.