Aeroplane Monthly 1977-07
The Queen's Silver Jubilee Air Pageant, White Waltham
As popular as ever was Euroworld's Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, G-BEDF, Sally B, based at Duxford and seen during a low-level pass.
No display is complete without a Spitfire, and one of the representatives this time was Mk Ia AR213. Owned by the Hon Patrick Lindsay and registered G-AIST, it is Booker-based in the care of Personal Plane Services. Camouflage now replaces its old civil finish.
One of the aircraft contributed by Doug Bianchi's Personal Plane Services of Wycombe Air Park was this Morane Type N reproduction, engined with a Continental C-90 well-concealed in the highly polished cowling. The Morane's earlier all-silver finish has now given way to camouflage.
Fairey Firefly Mk 5 WB271, of the Royal Navy's Yeovilton-based Historic Flight, first entered service on July 8, 1949, and was rescued from an untimely demise in Australia in 1966. It now bears the markings it wore during service in Korea.
A lively performance was provided by this BAC VC-10 of British Airways which, in spite of the extended undercarriage, did not touch down.
The flight of three D.H.82A Tiger Moths owned by Leisure Sport and flown in Second World War Royal Navy colours. The Tigers are, left to right, T7187 (G-AOBX), T6553 (G-APIG) and N9191 (G-ALND).
Leisure Sport's Fairchild F.24W Argus 2 G-AJPI is the only Warner Scarab-engined Argus remaining in Europe. Although it has now been restored to the camouflage it wore when serving with the RAF, it carries the serial number EV851 allotted to a Liberator, whereas its own wartime serial was HB614. Its appearance at White Waltham recalled the aerodrome's close connections with the Air Transport Auxiliary, who operated the type from the station as a pool aircraft. Several hundred Argus aircraft were supplied to Britain under Lend-Lease from 1941. It also served in the as the Forwarder.
The Shuttleworth Collection's D.H.51 three-seater of 1925 is the only survivor of three built. Powered by a 120 h.p. Airdisco engine, it was the first aircraft on the Kenya civil register, as VP-KAA. It returned to Britain in 1965.