Aeroplane Monthly 1977-09
Jim Nissen's beautiful Curtiss Jenny, N5001, powered by a 90 h.p. Curtiss OX-5, made its "first flight" on April 13 last year, following painstaking restoration. J. M. KUCERA's photograph shows it flying at its Meadowlark Field, California, base not long after that event.
Conceived in 1944 as a long-range naval fighter, the prototype Wyvern first flew on December 16, 1946, with Harald Penrose in the cockpit. On January 18. 1949, the first turboprop-powered Wyvern T.F.2, powered by the Rolls-Royce Clyde, took to the air, followed on March 22 by the first Armstrong Siddeley Python-engined aircraft. The Python became the standard powerplant for the Wyvern, and after protracted development flying, the Fleet Air Arm took delivery of its first aircraft in 1935. The final service variant was the T.Mk.4 (later S.Mk.4), which began carrier operations late in 1954 and served as a front-line strike fighter until 1958, seeing action with 850 Squadron during the Suez crisis in November 1956.
Lockheed P-38 Lightning “Scatterbrain Kid” photographed by STUART HOWE, belongs to the Confederate Air Force of Texas.
Britten-Norman Defender
Spitfire PR.XI EN654 was photographed by CHARLES E. BROWN.
Caudron G.3 reproduction F-PSYL, built by the late Jean Salis of France, al Ashford (Lympne) in September 1971.
Spartan Arrow G-ABWP was photographed during its visit to the Sywell rally on July 3, 1977.