Air Enthusiast 1996-07
J.Grant - From Three to Two. Australian use of the Do 24 and PBM-3
Three Mariners on a slipway undergoing maintenance with a forlorn C-47 in the foreground.
Running through heavy seas. For all its drawbacks, the Do 24 was a very capable machine in heavy sea states.
The forward fuselage of a former RAAF Do 24K was still in use, as late as 1988, as a houseboat.
Dornier Do 24K-1 X-10 in prewar markings.
Dornier in RAAF service circa 1943.
Dornier Do 24K-2.
PBM-3(R) Mariner A70-3 taxying with bow and rear doors open. The pilot gives scale to this large ’boat.
A70-1 tied up to the jetty at Madang, circa 1945.
Mariner A7-03 following its conversion to a caravan.
RAAF Mariner in flight.
Martin PBM-3 Mariner.