Air Enthusiast 1996-07
N.Williams - On Civvie Street. Douglas C-74 Globemaster Civil Operations
42-65412, was one of a fleet of four Globemasters reportedly owned by the Pan American Bank of Miami to be operated by Air Systems Inc. Registered as N3183G, was flown to Long Beach Municipal Airport, where it sat unattended until scrapped in late 1964.
HP-379, in August 1963 after completing a flight from Gatwick to Munich-Riem, awaiting another cargo bound for the Middle East.
The ill-fated HP-385, awaiting cargo at the BOAC maintenance area at London-Heathrow, May 1963.
The first civil C-74, N8199H, at Miami after confiscation by Federal agents in a gun-running attempt.
Another view of HP-379, this time at Copenhegan-Kastrup in December 1962, while ferrying cattle to the Middle East. Note the loading bay doors in the open position, immediately aft of the trailing edge.
HP-379, abandoned in Italy, was put on display at Turin. Seen here in 1966.
HP-379, painted in the fictitious markings of the Communist Chinese Civil Aviation Airlines Corporation for the film ‘The Italian Job’. The aircraft is shown shortly after having suffered a fire, days before being finally dismantled for scrap.