Air International 2002-06
T.Ripley - UAVs in action, 1964 to 2002 /Military/ (2)
A programme to arm Predators with AGM-118 Hellfire missiles was begun during the Kosovo war, but it was not until the opening days of the Afghan campaign that the system was used in anger.
Remains of a Predator lost in September 2001 over Afghanistan. This image was broadcast on Al Jazerra television
Kentron based South Africa’s first UAV, the Seeker, on Israeli UAVs which had been used earlier by the South African Air Force. The Seeker saw operation during the late 1980s along the Namibia-Angola border and was later used for border patrol duties by the South African National Defence Force.
US Navy ADM-141 TALDs were used to confuse Serb radars in the opening minutes of Operation Deliberate Force. An F/A-18 Hornet from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 23 is seen launching a TALD during integration trials.
CL-289s were used in Kosovo for bomb damage assessment and surveillance of fixed targets with their wet film cameras, though only hard copy of imagery was available.
Altec MART Mk II, operated by the Draguet Division, formed part of the French contribution to the Coalition during Operation Desert Storm.
SAGEM Crecerelle operations over Kosovo were limited due to the high ground which surrounded the theatre of operations and masked control signals. Nevertheless, Crecerelles flew 43 missions for the loss of three.
German Army Luna X-2000 UAV being recovered after a Kosovo mission in March 2001.
Although the GEC-Marconi Phoenix only flew a few sorties over Kosovo, they scored a major coup by filming eleven Yugoslav MIGs taking off from Pristina and flying back to Belgrade after the ceasefire had been signed.