Air International 2002-06
R.Francillon - Eurocopter. The old continent scores worldwide successes /Rotary wing/
An HH-65A Dolphin (6588) of the United States Coast Guard, based at Corpus Christi, Texas. Consideration has been given to re-engining the Dolphin to improve its performance, but there are no firm plans to date.
EC 155s are used in a variety of roles from paramilitary tasks, such as SAR and police work, to providing corporate and VIP transport. The wide-body cabin can accommodate up to 12 passengers.
During 2001 the NH 90 was chosen by three of the four countries (Finland, Norway and Sweden) in the Nordic Standard Helicopter Programme. The fifth prototype, MMX-613, is tasked with testing the NFH mission systems, hence the prominent self-defence sensors on the nose and chin-mounted FLIR pod.
In addition to orders for the French and German armed services, the Tiger has been selected as the new Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter for the Australian Army. Germany expects to receive the first of its UHT variants later in the year, with French deliveries commencing during in 2003.
Chilean Navy AS 532SC Super Puma 72, armed with AM 39 Exocet air-to-surface anti-ship missiles. The last aircraft with the old AS 332 and AS 532 designations were ordered in 2001 and now the type is in production with new EC designations.
BK 117B1, S-715, is one of two of the type operated by the Sharjah Police Air Wing. The 'BK' designation reflects the co-operation between Bolkow - the lead firm on behalf of MBB - in Germany and Kawasaki in Japan.
A small section of the AS350 assembly line at the Eurocopter factory in Marseille-Provence.
ADAC has placed an order for nine EC 135s that will be used for emergency medical services.
Eurocopter is intent on furthering its studies to reduce helicopter noise levels. F-WQES (seen here) is the second EC 130B4 prototype of what is claimed to be one of the quietest helicopters in the world (7dB below the ICAO regulations), thanks to its sophisticated main rotor and fenestron.