Air International 2002-06
A.Warnes - F-7PGs for F-6s /Military/
In addition to the green/white F-6, one of four to gain those colours, this immaculate example, 10434, was painted in a scheme to symbolise the close friendship between China and Pakistan. It heads a line-up which includes an FT-6 and the four green/white F-6s. A pair of A-5Cs bring up the rear.
В Пакистане истребители F-7P пришли на смену ветеранам F-6
A green and white Shenyang F-6, specially painted in Pakistan's national colours for its retirement, flies alongside its successor, a Chengdu F-7PG.
The Shenyang F-6, a Chinese license-built MiG-19, seen here in 23 Sqn markings, underwent 140 modifications during PAF service, including replacement of Chinese ejector seats with those produced by Martin Baker.