Flight 1923-02
An A.D.C. Modification: This D.H.9 has been altered considerably by the Aircraft Disposal Company, and among other changes will be observed the substitution of Lamblin radiators for the usual nose radiators.
Two Views of the Lamblin Radiators on the A.D.C. D.H. 9.
The Savoia Flying Boat: Of the S.53 type, this Savoia carries pilot and six passengers. The engine is a 300 h.p. Fiat.
ON THE SAVOIA FLYING BOAT: The wire strainers are enclosed in aluminium fairings.
The rudder crank on the Savoia is working partly inside a fairing.
AIR CONFERENCE VISIT TO WADDON: Two of the Instone Air Line D.H.34's, with Napier "Lion" engines, are greatly admired by visitors.
AIR CONFERENCE VISIT TO WADDON: A Handley Page W.8.B, with Rolls-Royce "Eagle" engines, takes up visitors.
The S.I.M.B. type Bernard C-1: This cantilever monoplane is built of metal throughout, even to the covering, which is in the form of channel section strips of Duralumin.
THE S.I.M.B. "FERBOIS": Some constructional details. 1, diagrammatic perspective view of the wing structure. 2, section showing channel strips riveted together and to the spars. 3, elevation of a spar. 4, detail of attachment of planking to spar. 5 and 6, details of the fuselage construction.
THE VICKERS "VIRGINIA": These four views have been passed for publication by the Air Ministry, but no detail description may be given. The machine is fitted with two Napier "Lion" engines. The motor-car and men in the photographs give a good idea of the size of the machine.
The New "Jupiter" Cowling on the Bristol Pullman biplane: Inset the Pullman in flight, carrying a number of visitors.
AIR CONFERENCE VISIT TO WADDON: Mr. James demonstrates the speed and climb of the Gloucestershire Aircraft Co.'s "Mars I," with Napier ''Lion" engine.
An Interesting Picture from America: A U.S. Navy Patrol Flying Boat releasing a Carrier Pigeon whilst in flight over the sea. The pigeon, just below the bow of the boat, is indicated by the arrow-head.
Some details of the Hall all-metal wing built for H.S.3 flying boat.
THE S.E.C.M. type XXII: View showing simple engine mounting.
THE S.E.C.M. TOURER: This is a three-seater with Hispano engine.
The S.E.C.M. type XXII: This machine is built entirely of metal, mostly Duralumin.
SOME S.E.C.M. CONSTRUCTIONAL DETAILS: 1 shows aileron hinge and outer end of trailing portion of fixed plane. In 2 is illustrated the general wing construction. The spars are square-section Duralumin tubes, while the rib webs are stamped from the sheet and the flanges are rolled to a bottle-neck U-section. A typical fuselage joint is illustrated in 3, while 4 shows the sheet-Duralumin fitting with the struts removed. The workmanship is excellent, but the fittings appear somewhat complicated.
THE SCHNEIDER "HENRI PAUL": A four-engined bomber of antiquated design, but built entirely of metal.
THE SCHNEIDER "HENRI-PAUL": Details of rib construction. The flanges and ties are of channel section, while the stringers are of U-section, with the edges slightly bent together.
A NEW "BRISTOL" MACHINE: These photographs of the Bristol "Bullfinch," with Bristol "Jupiter" engine, are passed for publication by the Air Ministry, but no information beyond what can be gleaned from an inspection of the illustrations is permitted.
THE S.E.C.M. NIGHT-BOMBER: The engine is a Salmson.
THE BESSON H5 QUADRUPLANE FLYING BOAT: Side view, in which an idea of its proportions may be obtained by comparison with the figures and the Nieuport machine in the foreground.
Besson H5 Quadruplane Flying Boat four 250hp Salmson engines