Air International 1984-03
??? - Scottish Accent on the North Atlantic
The DC-10 Srs 30 G-BFGI "David Livingstone".
The apron at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport during turn-round of a British Caledonian DC-10.
Appropriately named "James S McDonnell", the DC-10 Srs 30 G-BHDJ poses over the well-known St Louis landmark. St Louis is one of B.Cal's American gateways as well as being the home of the McDonnell Douglas Corporation, although the DC-10s, of course, came from the Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach. The B.Cal DC-10s are all named after famous Scots: G-BEBM "Robert Burns" is assigned to "third party" operations and the remainder of the fleet, used system-wide, are G-BEBC "Sir Alexander Fleming", G-BFGI "David Livingstone", G-BGAT "James Watt", G-BHDH "Sir Walter Scott", G-BHDI "Robert Bruce" and G-DCIO "Flora MacDonald".
The DC-10 flight deck. B.Cal crews its DC-10s with two pilots and a flight engineer, and uses the DC-10s exclusively for the North Atlantic services; they also fly to South America and the Middle and Far East to achieve peak utilisation of more than 16 hrs a day in the summer period.
One of B.Cat's more recent innovations on its North Atlantic routes has been the introduction of Super Executive class in its DC-10s. Bridging the gap between the luxury of First Class and the basic standards of Economy Class, it is proving very popular with business travellers.