Air International 1984-03
J.Fricker - Dragon Delights
The subject of John Fricker's love affair, Dragon G-ACIT is shown at the time of its sale by Russell Wyham
The subject of John Fricker's love affair, Dragon G-ACIT is shown in the hands of Beagle Aircraft, when it bore the name ''Orcadian".
If the cockpit airspeed indicator should fail, there was always this spring-loaded stand-by instrument, mounted on one of the outboard struts of the Dragon where it was visible to pilots with above-average eyesight.
Pilot's view of the port Gipsy Major nacelle on G-ACIT, showing engine instruments behind a glass panel (the dark patch below the strut) and the rear fuel gauge on top of the nacelle.
Окрашенный в сине-белые цвета компании "Hillmans Airways" прототип Dragon с кодом G-ACAN поступил на службу 24 ноября 1932 года. После удаления багажного отделения эта машина стала вмещать не шесть, а восемь пассажиров.
The first of the D.H.84 Dragons, G-ACAN, made its maiden flight on 12 November 1932 and later served, as illustrated, with Hillman's Airways.
DH.84 - экспонат авиамузея в Саутхэнде.
Still named "Orcadian", but now repainted, G-ACIT was here photographed by the author during 1971, at Stapleford.
Photographed at Croydon before the war, Dragon G-ACKB "Saturn" was operated by Provincial Air Lines.
The nacelle viewed from the rear.
De Havilland D.H.84 Dragon