Air International 1984-03
Airdata File
Photograph of the Trago Mills SAH-1, a new British light aircraft designed for commercial production.
Photograph of the prototype Lake Renegade 250 amphibian in the air.
Photograph of the prototype Lake Renegade 250 amphibian on land
Three-view of the Renegade.
Expected to make its first flight this year, the PZL Mielec M-26 Iskierka (Little Spark) has been designed to meet Polish Air Force requirements for a basic trainer. It is reported to incorporate components of the M-20 Mewa (Polish-built Piper Seneca II) and dimensions include a span of 31 ft 6 in ( 9,60 m) and a length of 27 ft 2 3/4 in (8,30 m).
DATWYLER MD-3 SWISS-TRAINER. The Max Datwyler company, of Bleienbach-Langenthal, announced as long ago as 1967 its plans to build a two-seat basic trainer offering, in particular, economy of construction and simplicity of maintenance and repair. Known as the Swiss-Trainer, it incorporated the ideas of a design team that included Max Datwyler himself, Hans Farner, Bjorn Andreasson from Sweden and Siegfried Stiemer in Germany. Plans to build a prototype were put into abeyance, however, and it was not until 12 August 1983 that a successful first flight was made, by Max Datwyler himself.
The Datwyler MD-3 Swiss-Trainer is now in process of being certificated in Switzerland, having embarked upon flight testing last August.
The duPont DP-2 is a projected small-capacity medium range transport with some unusual design features.