Flight 1937-01
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Bristol Blenheim Type 142M high performance bomber fitted with two Bristol Mercury VIII engines.
A corner of the Promenade Cabin
A completely equipped cabin 2-seater cruising at over 100 m.p.h., with a 24-25 miies-to-the-gallon consumption and 40 m.p.h. landing
ENVOY III with stressed skin, ply covered wings, maximum weight 6400 lbs. and maximum speed 205 m.p.h.
The Series III Envoy, incorporating a stressed skin ply covered wing structure, is being built in large batches, thus ensuring even earlier delivery dates than those previously quoted.
A Section of the Works and Planning Department, Scotia Works
HAWKER NIMROD FLEET FIGHTER (Rolls-Royce Kestrel III's ) adapted to the requirements of and manufactured under licence by the Danish Naval Air Service.