Flight 1937-11
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Heinkel He 111 equipped with Askania-Aircraft Instruments.
SARO "LONDONS" returning to their base at Oban during a training cruise along the Scottish coast
SUPERMARINE WALRUS: General purpose, amphibian flying boat (Pegasus VI engine - 750 h.p. at 3,500ft.); span, 45ft. 10in.; gross weight, 7,200 lb. ; max. speed, 135 m.p.h. at 4,750ft.
AVRO ANSONS are the equipment of several general reconnaissance squadrons of the Royal Air Force, and have been supplied to the Air Forces of Australia, Irish Free State, Finland, Estonia and Egypt.
A Rapide flying in New Zealand.
The Basking Shark is extremely efficient from the streamline point of view, but then the Basking Shark has been developed for efficiency, just as the Miles Kestrel Trainer has been developed, by careful elimination of the unessential.
Flying exactly the same standard Percival "Gull" in which she first created history by flying the South Atlantic, Miss Jean Batten has now lowered the Australia-England record by 14 hours, to 5 days, 19 hours.
Promenade saloon of the Empire flying boat
While re-armament occupies such a prominent position in government programmes throughout the world, the Convertible Envoy is of particular interest. This aircraft is converted from a civil aeroplane into a fast medium bomber by four men in four hours.
For passenger service the Convertible Envoy provides a fast luxurious form of travel with the same high standard of comfort as that provided in the normal civil Envoy. The fittings to which the military equipment is attached are not apparent to the eyes of the passengers and all interior military fittings are covered by upholstery.