Air International 1987-01
Fighter A to Z
A MiG-17 evaluated with two-section leading-edge slats, the so-called "Sabre Wing"
The I-340 (SM-1) which, powered by paired AM-5 turbojets, eventually played a role in the development of the MiG-19.
After re-engining and tail redesign as the I-350(M) for participation in the MiG-19 programme.
The I-360 (SM-2) with close-paired AM-5 engines originally developed as a back-up programme for the I-350.
The limited all-weather MiG-17PF with gun armament
The MiG-17PFU, the first Soviet fighter with an all-missile armament.
The distinctive MiG-17SN, below, had a "solid” nose which housed radar, and the side slits housed 23mm TKB-495 cannon which could be elevated or depressed. The intakes were moved back alongside the cockpit.
The TR-3A-powered I-350