Air International 1987-01
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Conversion of the LS P-3A to EP-3E standard is catered for by a kit from Twelve Squared. The EP-3E illustrated here belongs to the US Navy's VQ-1 Fleet Air Recce Squadron.
Westland Lysander II L4767 was delivered at the end of 1939 and in the markings shown here was operated by No 13 Squadron, which served in France until May 1940. Subsequently, L4767 was used by No 7 AACU and No 2 Squadron before transfer to the Indian Air Force.
Lysander III R9125 was one of a 100-aircraft production batch delivered in July and August 1940, and served first with No 225 Squadron as shown here. It was later converted to a target tug.
Starting in August 1941, the Indian Air Force received Lysanders transferred from the RAF. They were operated initially by No 1 Squadron, IAF, and subsequently by Nos 2 and 4 Squadrons, with a few also used by No 22 AA Unit for target-towing.
Lysander IIIA V9367, delivered from the Westland Yeovil assembly lines early in 1943, served only with No 161 Squadron - the second of the RAF's Special Duties units - being written off at Tangmere on 17 December 1943. Note the long access ladder of the SD Lysander.
The Turkish Air Force was one of several pre-war customers for the Lysander, ordering 36 Mk IIs in 1939. They were delivered in February/March 1940 and No 3130 was in service at Yesilkoy in that year.
The Yak-28P Firebar is now available as a vac-form from Airmodel. Now largely phased out of the Voiska PVO, the Yak-28P was one of the most dramatic-looking fighters of its era and offers fascinating model subject matter.
IPMS (UK) is offering a 1/72nd scale lifeboat suitable for application to the Hudson. That illustrated here is a Mk III (V9158) of No 279 Sqn operating from Bircham Newton 1942-44.
A very welcome vac-form from Aeroclub Models can be completed as the Demon (K2844) of No 23(F) Sqn illustrated here. No 23(F) Sqn received this aircraft in February 1933, flying it from Biggin Hill until December 1936. Transferred to No 608 Sqn. it became an instructional airframe in October 1939.