Air International 1987-01
Federal Express (UK) Ltd has been formed to strengthen the US distribution company's operations in the UK and Europe, following its acquisition earlier in 1986 of Lex Wilkinson and Lex Systemline. A European distribution system is now being developed, to link with the Fed Ex transatlantic services, including a DC- 10 Srs 30 that operates into and out of London Stansted. Up to 10 twin turboprops are likely to be purchased for the European operation.
The British Aerospace 146-QT (Quiet Trader) freight version of the 146 Srs 200 was the subject of an intensive two-night evaluation by TNT-IPEC during November 1986, carrying freight for that company’s regular overnight delivery services. The aircraft flew the regular schedule from Dublin to Hanover and return, via Birmingham and Nuremburg, demonstrating compatibility with existing cargo-handling installations and conformity with civil regulations that apply during night-time curfew hours
Newest equipment for the Queen's Flight, the first of two British Aerospace 146 CC Mk 2s delivered in 1986.
On the other hand, Larry Milberry's new book on the Sabre adequately covers such "odd" aircraft as the ex-Golden Hawks Mk 5 serial 23096, used as a chase 'plane by Boeing.
Canadair-built Sabre 5s of the Golden Hawks, the RCAF aerobatic team formed in 1959 to mark the 50th anniversary of powered, manned flight in Canada.
The CF-100 Mk 3B serial 18117 was used only for experimental purposes - it is shown here in use at the CEPE with four Velvet Glove AAMs under the wings - and therefore does not figure in "Canucks Unlimited" (reviewed here), which is devoted to RCAF squadron use of the type.