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D.Gordon - Last of the Best /Post-war combat/ (2)
An RF-4C of the 38th TRS overflies the Rock of Gibraltar while on a TDY to Moron, Spain.
January 1980 with 69-375 providing the backdrop to an impromptu squadron photo on the occasion of the change of command from Travis Billingsley to Dick 'Pappy' Stromfors.
RF-4C 69-368 was a 'SLAR jet'; the 'chin' dome under the nose transmitted SLAR imagery back to a ground receiver in near real time.
For a short while in the late 1980s the RF-4s of the 38th, including 71-0249, wore wrap-around 'European One' camouflage.
RF-4C 71-0259 on detachment in Italy. This was one of the aircraft with more aerodynamically-modified nose contours.
Oh April 4, 1991, five RF-4Cs remained at Zweibrucken: 69-370, 68-555, 68-561, 68-589 and 69-383 ready for the deactivisation ceremony.
An RF-4C carrying special markings celebrating the 38th Aircraft Maintenance Unit.
RF-4Cs 68-570 and 69-370 bank away over the German countryside. Both these aircraft fought in the Gulf War.
On April 16, 1991, 69-383 was finally delivered to Davis-Monthan. Tim Olsen signed his name alongside others who had signed at Zweibrucken 12 days before.
A veteran of the Gulf War, '370 flew a total of 17 missions over Iraq; it carried special markings for the close-out.
'Royal Flush' 1971: Captain Dempsey and Captain Bevis in the specially-painted '841.
'Big Click' was a NATO-sponsored recce competition held in 1972. The 38th won it; hence the special scheme.
RF-4C '369 over a Norwegian fiord in 1973. There is some reason to believe that this aircraft served at one time with the Israeli Air Force prior to its arrival at 'Zwei'.
Sensor download from '873 during 'Royal Flush' 1971. The speed in which the film could be downloaded was crucial to success in the competition.
68-0570 taxying in to the 38th area at Incirlik, proudly displaying its 25 mission symbols. It went on to fly a further two missions over Iraq.
RF-4C 69-373 of the 38th TRS lies in a field just short of the runway at Karup, Denmark, the victim of an ever-so-slight fuel shortage.