Страна: Швеция
Год: 1979

Model of the SAAB B3LA light-attack/trainer, proposed successor to the SAAB-105 in Swedish A.F. service
Проект ударного самолета SAAB A38
The first official drawing of the Sk 38/A 38 light strike and training aircraft, which had four underwing hardpoints and wing tip Sidewinders,
To evaluate the double-delta wing design, Saab built the 210, a small single-seat test aircraft which paved the way for the J 35 Draken which made its first flight on October 25, 1955. It entered SwAF service in 1960 and remains in use in its latest upgraded J 35J model. Close-coupled canard delta configuration was the hallmark of the JA 37 Viggen which was developed for a range of tasks. A design of the late-1970s that failed to gain an order was the B 3LA attack/trainer intended to be a replacement for the SK 60. The JAS 39 is the latest in Saab’s fighter family and should see service well into the next century.