Aeroplane Monthly 1991-11
O.Thetford - On silver wings (14)
OUR ONLY TWO-SEATER FIGHTER SQUADRON: One Flight of No. 23 (Fighter) Squadron in Hawker "Demons" (Rolls-Royce "Kestrel").
Three of a first production batch of Hart fighters - K1952, K1955 and K1951 - supplied to 23 Sqn.
Classic Flight photograph of 604 (County of Warwick) Sqn Demons flying from their RAF Hendon base in July 1936.
Dramatic photograph of 64 Sqn Demons demonstrating dive bombing for Flight’s cameraman in June 1937. The squadron was then based at Martlesham Heath.
Hawker Demon I K3974 of 29 Sqn, 15,000ft above Epping, Essex, on July 22, 1935. After passing to 41 Sqn, this Demon crashed while landing at Catterick on September 6, 1937.
Hawker Demon K8189 flew with 64 Sqn before passing to 1 Air Armament School.
Three 29 Sqn Demons. Nearest the camera is K3982, which later flew with Nos 601 and 600 Sqns before being relegated to a maintenance unit in October 1940. K2983, in the background, collided with K4538 and crashed near Dover on November 5, 1937.
TWO-SEATER FIGHTERS: A fine close-up aerial photograph ol No. 41 (Fighter) Squadron, from Northolt. It is equipped with Hawker "Demons" and the squadron marking is a broad red band.
A formation of 41 Sqn Demons up from RAF Northolt in 1935.
THE COASTWISE PATROL: The three Auxiliary Air Force Squadrons of the London area have been enjoying a strenuous holiday at the seaside, No. 600 F.S. at Hawkinge, No. 601 at Lympne, and No. 604 at Tangmere. Here five Hawker Demons of 604 (County of Middlesex) (Fighter) Squadron are seen flying past Worthing.
Five 604 Sqn Demons off Worthing during the squadron’s summer camp in August 1936.
Three 208 (Army Co­operation) Sqn Demons flying over Cairo, Egypt, in December 1935. They were based at RAF Heliopolis.
FIENDISH ACCURACY: The Hawker Demon two-seater fighters of No. 604 (County of Middlesex) (fighter) Squadron, under the command of Sqdn. Ldr. C. P. Gabriel, rehearsing air drill for the R.A.F. Display on June 27, 1936. Any inaccuracies - which were conspicuous by their absence - would have been hidden from the permanent audience in the Hendon district by a curtain of clouds which, let us hope, will be completely rung up for the great day.
Hawker Demon squadron colours
Key to sketches: A Demon K2844 of 23 Sqn, 1933. B K3976 of B Flight, 29 Sqn. C K3779 of 41 Sqn, September 1934 D K4520 of A Flight, 64 Sqn. E K3776 of C Flight, 65 Sqn. F K5701 of A Flight, 600 Sqn. G K5714 of C Flight, 601 Sqn. H K4500 of 604 Sqn. I K5687 of B Flight, 607 Sqn. J K3779 again, this time with 608 Sqn, 1937-38.