Aeroplane Monthly 1992-01
??? - Swift progress
The Swift with the rear part of the centre-section folded forward before wing-folding. Martin Honeychurch lends scale to the 24ft-span aircraft.
Like some large insect drying its wings, the structurally-complete Swift is seen with wings folded shortly after being assembled for the first time.
Left, detail of the fuselage structure and cockpit area. The steel tube lift struts are faired with balsa. Right, the Pobjoy Niagara installation.
The small but comfortable cockpit before installation of the instruments. The view out is exceptionally good, except for directly forward.
Geoff Green and Roger Bailey folding back the Swift's wings. The non-standard propeller and spinner were borrowed to complete the picture.
The ply­wood top decking stops aft of the cockpit. A luggage locker is on the port side immediately behind the pilot’s head.