Aeroplane Monthly 1992-01
R.Beamont - Spinning the P.1
The author lands P.1B XA847 at the end of its maiden flight, also from Warton, on April 4, 1957.
Sequence 1: 112kt at 20,000 ft. Sequence 2: 108kt rolling left. Sequence 3: right stick. Sequence 4: spinning. Sequence 5: pitching down. Sequence 6: yawing left. Sequence 7: yawing left, pitching up and rolling left.
Sequence 8: the end of the first turn but continuing the spin, rolling left into the second turn - 90kt at 18,000ft, having lost 2,000ft in the first turn.
The author at the controls of the P.1A WG760 on its first flight with the cambered leading-edge wing - Warton, February 15, 1957.
The author at the controls of P.1A WG760 at Warton in 1955, before the aircraft had been fitted with the new cambered wing system.