Aeroplane Monthly 1992-01
??? - Spitfire Notebook (15)
Один LF.Mk IXB летом 1944 года был переделан в поплавковый гидроистребитель с целью исследования его возможностей в этом качестве для использования на Тихом океане. После испытаний машину опять "поставили на колеса". От гидросамолетов-истребителей англичане отказались.
The proto­type Spitfire F Mk IX Spitfire floatplane, MJ892. Converted in May 1944, it was first flown on July 6, from Beaumaris, by F. C. Furlong.
Spitfire floatplane EP754 was another Mk VB conversion. Intended to operate against Junkers Ju 52s on refuelling missions from Greece to Crete, the Spitfire's floatplane variant did not see operational service flying from salt water caused galloping corrosion, and the engine torque made take-offs exceedingly dicey.
The first prototype Spitfire Mk VB floatplane conversion, EP751, pictured at Folland Aircraft’s Hamble works after modification. The aircraft still retains the original fin and rudder; a four-bladed propeller was fitted.
An Experimental Spitfire IX Float Seaplane.
The first Spitfire floatplane was Spitfire VB W3760. Built at Southampton in July 1941, the aircraft was ready for trials in September 1942.
Jeffrey Quill taxying the first Spitfire floatplane, W3760, in 1942. Following trials, W3760 was shipped out to Alexandria.